hope that all is well.
 Last night was absolutely amazing and all of my guests commented on your ability to almost read their mind and keep the dance floor HOT!
It would not have been the same without you!  Thank you so much for making our day SO special.
Sincerely, Starrlee & Matt

Great weather, great people, great location, your plan came together, Thank you


Malcolm, again what can we say.. AWESOME job on the music and equally amazing job on the photos. We would like to thank you again and would love to get a copy of the cd with the pictures.

Everyone is talking about it.
Cheers, Bruno

I love a party crowd, makes for an easy night 

I just wanted to say on behalf of the Pekeski family a HUGE thank you! You're the best! You made Violet feel young again....those were her words. Everyone had a great time. The music you played was fantastic (as always!). I will continue to bring you whatever business I can as I truly think you deserve it. Thanks again Malcolm for giving us your Sunday and making Violet's party a HUGE success!

 Chantelle Pekeski

Thank You, so many ex Brides and Grooms in one room 



Thank You so much for helping us make our day so special.

The music was amazing! We could have danced all night! We absolutely loved our kissing game!!  :)

Kelly & Jason

Thank you so much, The Old Mill setting with all the sparklers was fun. One of your guests booked their wedding for next year, so hopefully we'll meet again  



I just wanted to send a quick email and thank you again for Saturday night! Everyone had a good time and I know we were in good hands with you! The pictures you took were great and I loved the little cards that you made! It was a really nice touch!

Again thank you so much!

Tanya & Andrew

See everyone told you not to be nervous, you survived the day   


I want to thank you for the fantastic job you did on Saturday. Especially given the circumstances, you really went above and beyond to make sure our guests were happy.

We will definitely recommend you! Thanks again,

 Matt & Alexis Bacon

Thank You, You came through the rain smiling!



You lit up our wedding in every way possible. We can not imagine what our wedding would be without you and your help. You arrived early, accommodated all our last minute changes, your music set a beautiful mood and ambiance to both the ceremony and reception.  Your up-beat and light hearted nature through the reception caused floods of compliments from friends and family about you.  Your pictures are amazing!!!!  After seeing your pictures, we have our memories that will last a life time! One particular item that EVERYONE loved was that you had your laptop showing a slideshow of the pictures you had taken through the day at the ceremony and reception.  You were so good to us, we felt like you were a close member of the family.  Funny thing about that, is that our guests thought you were as well because of your warmth and enthusiasm!  Malcolm, you're one in a million!

 We’ll remember you forever,

Love Jennifer and Mark....

 Wow thanks, you make an easy life for a DJ (even when a long day) Your a fantastic couple, shame your only getting married once.   




Hello .. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic job you did for us on Friday night .. you are great at what you doooo!!! we will be referring you to people. So once again thank you so much

Steph & Jay

Thanks, good luck with the big day



Malcolm, I just wanted to say thank you...thank you...thank you!!! You made our wedding better than I could have ever imagined. The music was perfect, the pictures were fantastic and I had so many comments about howl great you were. Both Andy and I were able to look at your pictures online on our honeymoon/cruise before we saw any other pictures of the wedding, and that was really great. I honestly don't know how to thank you for all of your hard work. I will recommend you to anyone who asks for a good DJ.!!!
Thanks again,  Andy and Lindsey Johnson

Thank You, Hopefully your marriage is as spicy as your hot sauce, (As close as I'll come to a cruise probably)   


Thank you so much for a job well done. You were absolutely wonderful! I will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of a DJ. All the best to you!


Katrina Espanol-Miller  

P.S. Did you happen to get one of the favours? There was a black album meant for you.

Thank You for the Album, and everything else (I even signed up for a movie they are filming there next year)



Hi Malcolm

 I'm Kathleen Cormier, René's mom. I really love the work that you did for Jen's and René's wedding. You've gone the extra mile with the pictures!!

I would really appreciate having ALL of the pictures on CD. Please let me know the cost and how you want to be paid.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks Kathleen, No charge for the CD, just a little patience till I catch up, a busy summer  


Name: Jennifer and René Cormier


I cannot say enough about how great Malcolm was.

Somehow he managed to even get "our song" despite our failed attempts to deliver it to him prior to the wedding.

That meant so much to us.

You have a personal attention to detail that is unrivalled!

If we ever have another big event, you'll be hearing from us again!!!

Keep up the WONDERFUL work! You're the best!

Thank You Again, Still think at least 2 greyhounds should have been in the weeding party  


Hello Malcolm!

 Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day! The music you provided for us was a huge hit! We had many guests comment on what an amazing job you did! We also loved the fact that you took so many pictures throughout the day and that we were able to view them on your website. Everything was so wonderful and very original! Jay and I were both extremely pleased with what you did for us and could not say enough good things about you and your services! Thank you so much again!

 All the best!

Jay and Majda Cherrie

July 15th, 2006, White Oaks Resort, Niagara on the Lake

Thank You Again, looking at the photos I forgot how hot it was that day  


Hi Malcolm,

Sorry I'm just doing this now but I wanted to thank you for everything that you did at the wedding - you were great!!

the pictures are amazing - that was an added bonus

We have had so many people comment on how great the music was and how good you were - and we happen to agree with them. So, thank you so much again for helping to make our wedding day so fun and memorable!

Julie & Andy LePage  (from July 22nd)

Thank You Again, (I liked the guys suits)  


Name: Larry Fauci (Rochester, NY)
Private Email:
Event: Fauci / Caserta wedding - June 10, 2006

Malcolm, if I may, just a few comments from "across the border"... Firstly, thank you for your wonderful performance and presentation at my daughter's wedding. Everything was as expected and frankly, I do not recall ever going to a wedding event where so many of the guests danced all the time – Right up ‘til closing. You have to take the credit for the good time had by all.
My daughter was the actually the one who selected your company / services and might I say that she made a great selection…

On the business side of that transaction, we cannot say enough good about the customer service and accommodations that you offered with our contract. Your pricing was very reasonable from the start and yet, as an example, you were so flexible on the start and stop times for the event. Further, I do not recall any accommodation that you afforded us that prompted ‘that will be a special charge.’ One of my responsibilities with Eastman Kodak is the Customer Service area and when I look at your operation, you understand what it takes to create and preserve customer loyalty! My compliments, sir.
As I mentioned earlier, everyone had a great time. Sure, friends and family are key ingredients to this outcome but frankly, you/ your operation is the glue that can make or break it. What I saw was near perfect. Thank you for all of your energies invested – We do not take them for granted.
Frankly, I never expected more that what I described above. Then, I see your ‘photography’ services while the music is playing. Unique, I thought… At the time, I did not know that this was ‘part of the package’. I did not know they would be posted to your web site… But, when I saw the output of your efforts here, the pictures were just amazing. Frankly, they look professional. What a bonus - A very nice touch that makes your business offering so very unique! Then comes the “frosting on the cake”: They are free for the asking.
Again, we thank you for your help to make that day as special as it was. If ever the occasion comes up where one of your new customers would like to speak with someone who has experience with your company, send them my way. I would be more than happy to tell them of my very positive experience.
Malcolm, if you have a business partner or manager there at Electricdance, please see to it that they see this feedback. All the very best from your client “south of the border.’


Wow! I'm lost for words, Thank You, I can't get my mum to say such nice things. Can you adopt me??  

Name: Janelle Fauci (Florida)
Private Email: Private
Event: Erika Fauci and Brian Caserta Wedding

Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful wedding reception. My sister and her husband, as well as every guest, were quite pleased with the music you played. We sincerely appreciate your prompt response to guests' requests, and you had every song they asked for! I especially appreciate you continuing to play music well beyond the 1am stop time on the contract- people were crowding the dance floor even while the hotel was cleaning up! I have never seen that many people still dancing at 1am..thanks again for a great night!!

Your Dad taught you how to be so nice I bet,  Thank You, He also says he has one more daughter....



Name: Tammy & Jason Longland

Event: Our Wedding


Malcolm, You did a fantastic job and you are a great person, our guests are still talking

about how great the DJ was, you keep everyone dancing from the start and they never stopped.

The pictures you took were the best, people kept asking if I had two photographers,

but I did, you took pictures of my guests, and the other one took pictures of Jason and I.

Again, thanks for being a part of my wedding and I hope to see you at another wedding

Take care Tammy & Jason

Thank You, it was good to see you all again. (The Photos) 


Thanks for making our wedding a success.  

Everyone enjoyed the music.
Debbie & Wilson Lagoa

Thank You, (The Photo's at Burlington Convention Centre)


Name: Kristine


Private-Email: Private

Event: Chantel's 16th birthday party

Date: Thursday, April 20, 2006

Time: 07:28 PM


I had an amazing time at her party and the pictures turned out great and

the music was a blast.. thanks so much for coming.. You rock :)!!!!

Thank You Kristine - (Chantal's 16th Birthday Party Photos)


Name: Stephanie

Private-Email: Private

Event: Chantel's 16th Birthday Party'


I had so much fun when you came to Chantel's party thanks so much u rock!!!

Thank You Stephanie - (Chantal's 16th Birthday Party Photos)


Name: Sandra & Michael Murray

Private-Email: Private

Event: Our Cocktail Wedding Reception at Glen Abby Golf Club!


You did an excellent job Saturday night for us.

You helped make our Wedding reception a memorable one and played great music.

I know our 4 year old niece thanks you for playing the Barbie song twice!

The pictures you took were amazing as well, such a bonus for us!

Many thanks, Sandra & Michael Murray


Thank You - ( The Photos)    (The Photos on Sandra and Michael's Blog Page )


Name: Clarissa Lima

Private-Email: Private

Event: Zellers Christmas Party

Date: Sunday, November 27, 2005


On behalf o the Zellers Associate Council,

I would like to extend a sincere thanks to Electricdance.com, for the

wonderful music. Everyone had a great time! A special thank you goes to Mike

Youngs who provided excellent music and played people's requests.

Thanks, we look forward to working with you again,

Clarissa Lima

Thank You, and Merry Christmas (Photos from the Party)


Name: Chantelle Pekeski


Event: Brad and Kim Richardson's Wedding


Hey Malcolm,

Another fantastic job by Malcolm the DJ! We were at our cousins wedding this past

weekend and the dance floor was always hopping as usual! I'm beginning to think

 that your DJ services make or break a wedding reception. Of all the weddings we've been to

none seem to compare to the ones with you there offering your "second to none" DJ services!

Congrats on another job well done...I'm sure we'll see you again at another friend

 or family members wedding, as we have no problem recommending you to everyone we know!

Matt and Chantelle Pekeski

Thank You Again, for being so nice and the referral    (Kimberly & Brad's Wedding)     (Chantelle & Matt's Wedding)


Name: Justyna and James Couto

Private-Email: Private

Event: September 17th, Wedding

Date: Friday, October 07, 2005

Time: 01:22 PM


Malcolm, We just came back from our honeymoon and had a blast!

We wanted to thank you for so much for being a wonderful DJ. 

You made everything so easy for us and you were extremely reliable.

We never had any difficulties getting a hold of you.

The music was great and we got a lot of compliments on the party.

Everyone had a great time thanks to you. 

The pictures on the website are awesome.

Would it be possible to have them on a CD in a higher resolution? 

You also did such a nice job with the cards on the tables. We appreciate everything you did for us. 

We will recommend you to other couples in the future. Good luck.

Justyna and James

Your Soooo nice, CD coming soon   (The Wedding Photos) 


Name: Beverly Patterson

Private-Email: Private

Event: Brenda Lee & Ian Ferguson

Malcolm you are a flamboyant and friendly man, the pictures on this website saved me.

In all the confusion I lost my camera, heartbroken I thought I would have to scramble

begging family members for copies of their pics of my cousins wedding. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing this service. The pictures and you are priceless. ...


Thank You, Higher resolution photos are available just ask, Let me think 
about "flamboyant and friendly", sounds gay, but thanks for not adding "fat" ? 


Good evening to you Malcolm,  

Just a quick note to thank you so very much for the phenomenal job you did at our wedding!!!!

 I knew we had struck up a rapport on the phone the first day and liked your personality very much,

and in meeting you personally, I was right on the money!!

You’re the BEST DJ I have ever seen at a wedding, and I have been to a lot!!

The comments we have heard over the last few days all included and paid a great

compliment to your music expertise, and services along with the 

friendships that you struck up with our guests.  That goes above and beyond!

The pictures on your website are excellent I can’t wait to get the CD of the Photos,

and the DVD Video of our wedding that you took!!


Again, much thanks from the bottom of our hearts and we wish

you all the success to you and your business in the future.  

We will definitely recommend your services to anyone in need. 

If you could please send with the DVD and CD of the pictures a couple of business cards

 we would be happy to keep them on hand and pass them out to anyone who asks for a referral to a DJ.


Thanks again you have made 2 new friends.
 Ian & Brenda Ferguson

Your Family and Friends are a pretty special group, A DJ loves it when 
he can take credit for that attitude that comes from a group that comes to party.



I don’t know who to thank for the referrals I have had recently, but thank you so much. 

I have had a few calls and one more recently from Cory and Gayle.

I didn’t know that you had included my info on your web site, for which I am grateful.

I am moving in July to Oakville and will have a new phone number as of July 4th –

Once again, in appreciation.

TLC. Judith

Rev. Judith Twells


Non-denominational  Ceremonies with

"Truth, Love & Compassion"



Name: Denise Ferguson


Malcolm, Just to let you know that the date of the wedding was

September 24, 2005 not September 23, 2005.

We had a wonderful time and you are the best DJ we have enjoyed in a long time.

You played just the right mix of music, and you got the audience involved in the fun.

It's hard to believe I spelt the date wrong, old age... but I did start focusing on you on the 23rd. 

Name: Crystal Gale

Private-Email: Private

Event: Sept 17, 2005- Crystal and Sheldon

Date: Monday, September 26, 2005

Time: 08:29 AM



We wanted to give a big thank you to Mike Young for the amazing job he did at our wedding.

He had everyone dancing the whole night, it was exactly what we wanted.

Sheldon and I would recommend Electric Dance to anyone who is planning a special event.

Thank you for everything.

Crystal and Sheldon   


Name: Nancy Fixter


Richard did an amazing job during both our ceremony and reception.

We really appreciate all his help and calmness during such an important event for us.

He kept the dance floor occupied all night which was important to us and

we can't thank him enough for all his hard work!

We would recommend Electric Dance to anyone planning an event requiring a DJ!

Thanks again Richard! 

Name: Valerie Kuhn
Private-Email: Private
Event: Kuhn / Potwin Wedding
Date: Friday, September 16, 2005
Time: 02:11 PM
You were wonderful. Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the music. 
The pictures were a bonus and they were terrific. What a super job.
Mother of the Bride
.Thank You, you can see where the bride get's her looks  
We wanted to thank you for such a fantastic job you did for our wedding. 
The pictures you put on your website were lovely, and the music selection
was great. You made sure everybody started to dance and you kept them coming back.
It was a pleasure doing business with you and we would 
recommend you to anyone as the best DJ for a wedding you can find.
Thanks once again,
Hilary and Chad Baker   
I wanted to thank you for a wonderful job, everyone was up and moving all night. 
Everything was wonderful and just how I imagined it would be.
Thanks again,
Erika & Rob  
Hi Malcolm, 
I was on your website checking out the pictures you took, and they look awesome.
I just wanted to say that you are awesome, and to thank you for really making the night special.
I know that I was not very helpful when it came to giving you any 
idea on music choices, but you really saved me.
You read the family perfectly and had everyone dancing their hearts out.  
I have had so many compliments about how friendly you were; how professional; 
what a wonderful job you did; and how unexpectedly 
wonderful that you took the video and pictures.  
The cards that you left on the tables were also a big hit.  I am so glad I was able to book with you, 
I can’t tell you enough, you really made the night Unforgettable.  
Good luck with everything you do,
Shelley and Rick, (wedding at The Coach House, Dundurn Castle, Hamilton)
Your too kind, but thank you  
Name: Melanie Storie
Private-Email: Private
Event: Our Wedding
Date: Thursday, August 25, 2005
Time: 03:53 PM
Dear Malcolm,
Thank you so much for being a part of our day! Your music choices were fantastic. 
I just love the pictures and can hardly wait to see the video. 
Your services were fantastic and we will use you again for any other party we have. 
Thank you! Melanie and Norm
Thank You!  **************************************************************************************

Name: Angela Keown

This is the best wedding I have ever been to ,Malcolm is the greatest man for the job, 
not only did he take our pictures but he played all the old music I picked out
 and the older guest didn't want to go home early. We love you Malcolm. 
It was a lot of great fun and the food was good too.
 Angela & Louie
Hey Your Too Nice!   
Name: Lee & Brian
Email: Private
Event: Our Wedding
Date: Monday, August 08, 2005
Time: 11:34 AM
We would like to thank you for your expertise, professionalism and a wonderful time! 
The music was great and everyone at the wedding had a great night. 
The photo's on the website are great and have been viewed by many already, Thanks Malcolm!
Thank You! *******************************************************************************************
Thank you so much for everything!  We will be telling everyone 
we know about your awesome DJ services.
  We just arrived home from our honeymoon and we had a blast.
Thanks again!
Kev and Ammie   
Name: Cora & Jun Rodas
Email: Private 
Event: Our Wedding
Date: Saturday, June 25, 2005 Time: 04:34 PM 
Thank you very much Malcolm for a very enjoyable evening. 
Everybody was saying that they really enjoyed your beautiful music. 
Keep up the good work. 
Jun and Cora.  	 


Name:          Kirby Campbell

The music and people were Great! Malcolm did a fantastic job as always, 
Malcolm did my wedding 13 years ago, and I'm still with her (must of been the music) 
For all you out there that's looking for a great DJ 
Malcolm is you man !!!
Kirby & Cindy Campbell           


Hi Mr. DJ:

 I just want you to know that you did a great job at John & Tanya's wedding,

Everyone thought the music was great and the wedding photos on this website

is such a nice touch......we have family from the east coast to the west coast viewing them. 

I certainly would recommend you to my friends. May you have continued success. 

Thank you for making John and Tanya's wedding all that much more memorable. 

Tryphena Clothier (mother of the groom)  


We've just returned from our honeymoon and have spoken with many of our guests.  

The one common remark throughout is how very impressed they were with the music.  

Both the quality and variety were fabulous! 

We were overwhelmed with your attention to detail and gracious service.  

Thank you for helping to make our wedding one that many will remember with a smile!


Best regards,

Mr. & Mrs. David Rudkin  


Hi Malcolm:...Just wanted to say Thank you so much for making

my wife's "B" day a special event and memory for all of us...

You are truly a gentleman and professional in your field

of "D J 'ing".....Many of my family and friends have asked

me to keep your number so I am sure we will be seeing each

other again.....Keep up the good work and all the good songs to "YA".........Cheers

John and Lilian Abela  




Name: Chantelle Pekeski


I was on your web site again today and noticed this guest book part of it

and thought I would sign to let people know how wonderful you are.

Malcolm was the DJ at my wedding almost 2 years ago. 

He did a fantastic job!!! Actually, fantastic doesn't even begin to

describe his dedication to making your day as special as it can be.

I still have people calling me wanting to know who our DJ was and

I happily refer them to Malcolm with nothing but praises for him

and the job he does. This web site is an awesome way for those who

cannot attend your function to still feel as though they were really there. 

The music he plays has people on their feet all night, my dance floor was never empty!

Again, thanks Malcolm for all the memories you've left

us with and for helping make our wedding as special as possible!

It was a pleasure working with you and we wish 'ElectricDance' much success....not that you need it!

Matt and Chantelle Pekeski


(Thank you for the kind words, A classy couple, and family makes a DJ's life simple)



Name:            Stacey


Event:           AyA Kitchens


You did a great job. The photos really caught some moments we weren't able to see.

 I look forward to working with you again.

Thank you and have a great holiday.



Name:            Donna Greer


Event:           Amber & CJs Wedding


Date:            Friday, November 26, 2004

Time:            10:54 AM



You did a great job for my daughters wedding and I loved the pictures that you did.  

I just saw my sister's Christmas party (Image Craft) on your site.  

Looks like you outdid yourself again.  Thanks for everything!!




Name: Beverly



GREAT JOB! GREAT MUSIC! We had a great time!





You are a wonderful DJ and I hope you will gain lots of business from us. 

I am passing your name to anyone who is in the DJ market.  

If you ever need a reference please don't hesitate to pass on our names.

 I wish you much success and happiness.  You MADE our wedding wonderful!


Kindest regards,

François & Bethany St. Pierre



Name: Jess and Mike Milligan




Thank you for such a beautiful posting of the pictures.

We have has so many comments on the hard work, and extra work t

hat you provided for us. The pictures do last a life time so thank you for extending our memories farther.


Name: Tracy Butt




I had a very pleasant evening and your music was perfect! you got my whole family jumpin! Good to see



Jeff and I just returned from our honeymoon last week and we wanted to

write to you immediately to let you know what a fabulous job

you did for our wedding on June 19th.  Everyone had such a fabulous time with your

choice of music and song selection and it shows in the pictures you took. 

They are fantastic!  Is there any way for you to email me a few of

them if I give you the picture numbers? 

There are a couple of them that I would love to have copies of. 

 Again, Malcolm, you did such a wonderful job as our DJ and I can't thank you enough. 

It was a pleasure to have you as part of our wedding day

and we'll be recommending you to all our friends and

family who may have a special occasion in the future that requires the 'Electric Dance' touch!


Many thanks,  


Linda Christoffersson & Jeff Scullion


The pictures are so great! You did an absolutely amazing job with the music and the photography.

 Pascal and I both thank you very much for making our wedding fantastic!

You can tell you really enjoy your work – it comes out in your

photography and your friendly, outgoing personality. Thank you Malcolm.



Name: Felicia Coles



  I would just like to say that you did a wonderful job during the whole evening.

You were and and sociable which many of us enjoyed the best.

It was funny to see you pick on Daniel all night. lol


Name: Sarah Galbraith




You did a great job playing an excellent mix, fun times... I had a ton of compliments

 on the great job you did and how much they enjoyed themselves.

Thanks for setting the mood w/ the music, and keeping the night rocking!!

We can't wait to see you again for some more fun, and dancing at the wedding!!


Name: Vik M

Date: Saturday, June 05, 2004



You guys rock!!!



Name: Anitra



hey DJ guy, i was at alexia's party (i'm the one that gave u cake..) yea well u did awesomely!!!

the only thing that i would suggest is taking more pictures.....

no offence but you should have gotten a pic of lex dancing with the hot twin...

but anyways, you were AWESOME!! if i have a party ever, i'll totally come to u!!! buhbye.




I just wanted to say that I think the DJ was awesome and did a fabulous job.

He played a great mix of music and really got the crowd going. Again, great job!


Name: Margo Secord




Wish I had of known you when we got married but, that was in 1972.

We did it again in 1997,we renewed our vows for our 25th anniversary,

so maybe for our 50th anniversary, lol ,if we make it that far!

It was so nice to meet you and you did a wonderful job!

                                        Roger & Margo Secord



Name: Mariann Gardiner

Time: 07:26 PM




You did a great job we had a nice time and it was great to meet you, your son and his girlfriend.

I liked the selection of music and my girls (Tori and Kyra) had fun with the Karaoke.

Thanks for a great nite of entertainment.



Name: Patti Russell



        I would just like to say a very big thanks, for the Great Job you did at the Wedding!!

you were Marvellous Darling, Simply Marvellous!!!

You caught pics of people that never would have been taken!!

Your Music was great, you had a great selection!! And you did good on the requests too!!

I dance sooooo much my poor feet were swollen!!

And my Boyfriend Danced more than he ever would have!!

I think the drinks helped to!! but he looks like

Ernie from the movie weekend at Bernie's!!

so as long as the music keeps playing he was a moving!!!

Will defiantly look you up again and recommend you!!!

Patti Russell-Maid-of-Honor

Photos of the Wedding


Name: Jeremy Bishop


Date: Thursday, February 12, 2004

Time: 04:19 PM




I just want you to know how much I appreciated the outstanding service!

You did a marvelous job.

Everything went smoother than I could have hoped. Above and beyond any expectations!!



Jeremy Bishop



Name: Gayle Bishop




Great job - pictures are wonderful and a great venue to

be able to share with family & friends not able to attend.




Name: Colleen Green




Dear Malcolm,

Thank you so much for the wonderful evening.

The photos are fabulous!!..outstanding service!

I am thrilled to have these memories for the rest our our lives.

You truly made this event a moment to remember!!


Mother and Father of the Bride


Name: Laura Langlois


Event: Moose lodge New Years


Date: Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Time: 11:18 PM





Name: Rick & Jes


Event: butcher engineering


Date: Sunday, December 07, 2003

Time: 09:22 AM




wonderful pics and music great job!! thanks so much to Chris butcher


Name: Wanda Leah


Event: Christmas Party

Include: more pictures, everyone is has enjoyed looking at the pictures .

Date: Monday, December 08, 2003

Time: 01:26 PM




Thank you for making the Mental Health Christmas Party a great success.

We love the pictures and everyone was please with the selection of music.


Thanks Wanda Leah


Name: Jen


Event: William Osler Health Christmas Party



What A wonderful selection of music! wow, a party dj with Led Zeppelin!!!

We will keep you in mind for any wedding plans! Great Party!


Name: Lisa and Jon Gelleta



Dear Malcolm,


We just wanted to send you a huge thank you for being such an important part

of our special day. We had a great time, and so did our guests, and it was all

thanks to you. We had no idea that we would be getting a videotape of our

wedding sent to us, and that was such a wonderful touch. Thanks to your

photographs and video we can now have even more beautiful memories.

Our guests loved the music choices, and everything went perfect.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

Thank you for going beyond the regular service of a D.J. We are recommending you to everyone we know!!!

Thanks for everything,

Lisa and Jonathan Gelleta


Name: Carole Kaye








Name: Melissa & Joel Howard


Event: Our Wedding


Date: Thursday, October 23, 2003

Time: 03:57 PM




Dear Malcolm, 

We wanted to let you know how amazing we thought you were.

Our friends and family have actually commented on what a great

DJ we had for our wedding. You played great music in the genres that we requested.

The dance floor never stopped hopping, and everyone was still

ready for more at 1am when the wedding was over. It was some party!

  We loved the photos on your website, and the video.

You are quite the comedian Malcolm! Your over the top effort was

definitely recognized by our many guests. I have referred you to many

others since that day, and I expect you will be hearing from them soon.

  You really know your stuff, and Joel and I wanted to let you know what

a great job you did that day. We couldn't have been happier with you.

  Thank you so much for the role you played on our special day.

ou may use us as a reference any time.


Thanks for everything, Melissa and Joel Howard


Name: Victoria

Event: Rhonda and Claudio


Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Time: 05:28 PM




Hi I like the pics .



Name: Eric Frankland


Event: Paul & Sheena


Date: Monday, August 25, 2003

Time: 05:56 PM




Very good photographs, will look again when we get back home


Name: Barbara - The Groom's Mother

Event: Frank and Kathy's wedding


Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Time: 11:08 AM




Wow, what a party! Mother is very happy and is sure she danced with

 everyone that night. Good music! Good people. Everyone in the room was

happy to be there. A good time was had by all. Frank and Kathy make

a great team. Thx for the pics! What a great wedding, what a great crowd.

Everyone there was so happy for the Bride and Groom.

Mother is very happy it all turned out so wonderful. Great candid shots.

I think by the time the evening was over,

I managed to get everyone up dancing at least once!

Sure did have a good time at my son's wedding.

I'll tell everyone to check your website out. Thx a bunch


Name: Evelyeen Parke

Event: Kathy and Frank Wedding


Date: Thursday, August 07, 2003

Time: 11:05 AM


     Although my husband hates to dance.

We loved the music and he even got up for two songs!!

We had a great time. I would recommend you to any future events.

We also loved the pictures on the this web site.


Name: Kirk Millar



Malcolm, I am very impressed.

It's been just over three weeks, looking back now,

I know we picked the absolute best DJ service possible.

  All that I expected from our DJ was that they provide the

reception with an adequate sound system and keep the party going.

You have totally exceeded my expectations.

Not only did you play all our special song and still manage

to pack the dance floor but you also went the extra mile

and had a big hand in making the reception a success.

  The candid's on your website that all our guests could view

after the reception, the video you provided, and the music we love,

we deeply appreciate your services and will recommend your services to anyone anytime.


Thank You, Kirk


Name: Mrs. Melana Millar



  Malcolm, you were the best DJ a bride could ask for.

With all the different cultures in our families, you managed to give the

perfect mix of music. Thank you for helping to make our night unforgettable.

Sincerely, Mrs. Millar


Name: Khurshid Patel


Event: Xerxes's Navjote


Date: Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Time: 09:43 PM



  Nice pictures!


Name: Feroza.Bhathena

Event: Xersis Navjote &Anniversary


Date: Sunday, June 22, 2003

Time: 08:26 AM




its really tooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!












Name: Valerie Boudreau


Event: Rhonda & Claudio's Wedding


Date: Monday, June 09, 2003

Time: 07:40 PM




Hey, this is great to see your pictures. You looked so beautiful Rhonda.

I wish I could of been there but I was in spirit. Claudio sure looked handsome.

I hope you both have a long and happy life together and have lots of fun.

You all looked very nice and like you were having a good time.

I can't believe you were my flower girl for my wedding and I

could see your wedding on a computer. How times change hey.

I love you all and miss you all very much.

I especially loved the last picture with your Dad in it.

I sure hope you will send me some pictures and that one especially.

I'll call you soon. Love you Val



Name: Ann Talbot

Event: did not attend

Include: But.........my friend did.....Mary Jane Elliott..........Nice Pictures......!!!

Date: Monday, June 09, 2003

Time: 06:07 PM




Name: Rose

Event: Rhonda & Claudio's Wedding


Date: Monday, June 09, 2003

Time: 09:50 AM




Thank you for doing these I was able to see my cousins wedding as I

live in Nova Scotia very nice of you to do this Wish DJ's did this down here more.



Name: Brandi

Event: school dance

Include: more pictures of me..lol

Date: Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Time: 06:27 PM




good job I'm Annisa's best friend (1 of em)....ya so great dance hope to see you all again soon.





Event: Newfie Banquet at Moose Lodge





The party was a great success. Thank you for helping to make it that way.


Name: Michelle Rose...

Event: school dance





Name: Rose Lincoln

Event: Matthew & Chantelle


Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm Everyone loves Malcolm.

My telephone is still ringing to thank us for such a great time and your music

and friendly way contributed to making the evening a total success.

The dance floor was still filled at the end of the evening and it took a

further 1/2 hour to clear the floor.

You helped provide wonderful memories we will treasure for many years to come.

Thank you so much Malcolm. Sincerely Rose Lincoln (Mother of the Bride)

Name: Debbie Gillen
Email: perde@canada.com
Event: Chantelle&Matt


Wonderful photos and so quickly on the website for us all to share and remember. Thanks. Deb

Name: Bartholomew Opkins
Email: bartholemewopkins@aol.ca
Event: Chantelle and Matthew
Include: ponies

hello, my friends! the wedding was a bash!!! I like ponies and STAPLE GUNS!

What a riot!! well anyways the way i saw you to looking in each others eyes

all night in know that you live to make each other

happy for the rest of your lives! peace out Bart!

Name: Bannon

Event: Blais / Pekeski


Great Site!! Great Music, you really kept the crowd going...
Name: Mary Ann Mohr

Event: Susan and Shawn's


I enjoyed the pictures! It was like being at the wedding. thanks